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Private Fibre-Optic Networks
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Xit télécom


Xit telecom [eg-zit telecom] was created thanks to the inspired foresight of engineer Robert Proulx, who predicted the enormous potential of "open" fibre-optic networks. The turning point came in 1997 with the deregulation of the telecommunications sector in regions where there had previously been monopolies. The formula was to offer established groups of users, or those with limited financial resources (such as teaching establishments and municipalities), the opportunity to become co-owners of the networks, thereby sharing the initial outlay and maintenance costs.

Mr. Proulx made his first steps into this sector as the head of the telecommunications division of IMS Experts-Conseils, an engineering consulting firm. This division rapidly grew to become Quebec's premier installer of private fibre-optic networks. In 2002, Mr. Proulx, along with several partners, bought out the IMS division and founded Xit telecom. Only a few months before, Mr. Proulx and his team and been awarded the prestigious IWAY Prize by CANARIE.

Xit telecom currently employs more than 30 people (engineers, technicians and telecommunications specialists) and bases its know-how on a impressive record of achievements: participation in the launch of RISQ, one of North America's most advanced telecommunication networks; participation in the installation of fibre-optic networks at the Montreal Convention Centre, Quebec's National Assembly, l'Institut Armand-Frappier, as well as more than 35 school boards (6 000 km linking more than 1 400 schools) and 16 municipalities and MRCs (2 500 km linking more than 335 buildings).

Xit telecom's head office is in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec. However, Xit's expertise extends far beyond Quebec's borders with major projects in other provinces and in the United States. Soon we will also be working in Europe and the Middle East.